Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yes, we can!

Thank you, America!

I while ago I asked you to do the right thing by voting for a new president to replace this moron and disgrace of a president. And you listened, you elected Obama, a very good choice :-)

Maybe because of the election and its coverage, I became obsessed with listening to KQED, the only news radio worth listening to in the US. I even became a member during their September pledge drive.

Today, I listened to an interesting show about the election of a black president and how it has affected you personally. You can listen to it here. One of the guests on the show has questioned the claim of many white people under the age of 40 that they are 'color blind'. Well, I would put myself into this category and ever since I came to the US to work in Sillicon Valley claim to be as color blind as possible.

I think it is not so much the race or color that bothers me as it is the intellect and the lack thereof of the person I meet and interact with. I am not very good in expressing this in writing, but I hope you get my point. I can meet a black, Hispanic, Indian, or Asian person and be completely in awe and admiration for the intelligence, knowledge, and confidence that person emits. At the same time, I would tell any dude in a huddy and baggy clothes trying to bully me that he or she will never become president, regardless of what so many minority parents now try to tell their children.

It has to do with education and upbringing and not with the color of the skin or the heritage. There are plenty of white dumb asses out there that will never make it, rightfully so ;-)

For now, let's celebrate Obama's victory as it will be good for all of us.

As you were ....

P.S: Since Obama won, I will not pack my wife and dog and go back to Europe. There is plenty of opportunity here, and maybe I even become an American myself.

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