Tuesday, September 9, 2008

America, please do the right thing

I know this blog was supposed to be technical, but recently I have been too busy in my new position at TIBCO that I didn't really find the time to summarize the technical projects I have worked on and the problems I faced. I really like some other blogs for this, like the one from David Bosschaert. I guess he also has been busy, since his blog hasn't seen a new coder thought since April.

Listening to NPR on the radio every morning and evening during my commute is really informative and entertaining. However, sometimes it really aggravates me when I hear Republicans talk about the upcoming election and how McCain will save America. Unfortunately, I am not eligible to vote in this country, but I would really like to express my concerns when listening to this bull-shit.

Americans, please do the right thing this time and don't fall for the same lies again. If you want to have someone in power you can have a beer with, then you deserve Bush III, but I would appreciate having someone with such executive power to be smarter than me!

You won't believe how much damage this administration has caused to America in the view of the world, until you actually leave the country and look at it from a different angle. I have met Americans in Munich, who won't come back to their home country until the Republicans are out of office. I so understand them.

Why am I here? Well, when I came, Clinton was in office and the economy was doing well. I never understood why Americans could run an impeachment campaign against someone, who has an affair or sexual liason while in office, but they can't do it for a moron like Bush that violates the American constitution, by leading the country into an unjustified war. Sad, sad story.

With Bush, everything went downhill. From the economy to the environment. My job was hanging in there until beginning of the year, when they shut down my site. Fortunately, I was able to find something better quickly. However, if McCain gets elected, I will take my wife and dog with me and live in Europe for a while until America comes to its senses.

Again my appeal, please America, do the right thing, vote for Obama, your only hope!

As you were.

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