Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ok, I follow in line

Last week at EclipseCon / OSGi DevCon 2008 all of my colleagues and friends from the OSGi Alliance mentioned their personal blogs. Sometimes they even did not really feel like repeating the information and just referred to it, "oh, I have recently blogged about it, didn't you see that?". No, apparently, I have not. But, I promise, I will follow more closely, now that I have my own ;-)

Right now, I am sitting in the hotel in San Francisco after my first day of Spring Core training class held by Matthew Adams and Daryl Heinz. The first day was not so spectacular as I pretty much know it all already. I finished my labs during the presentation and was rewarded by leaving promptly at the end of the course ;-).

I did learn some interesting things, though. The BeanPostProcessor is a very elegant way of introducing interceptors, but also inject and standard or customized logger to a bean, before it is used. I will try this out in my product code as soon as I get back to work.

Tomorrow, we will go into the details of the DB access layer and the AOP. That should be more interesting.

As the co-chair of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group I am more interested in the Spring Dynamic Modules project, but that would be another class. Maybe not, since I am working with Adrian Colyer and the other EEG members directly. We (Siemens) have contributed several requirements to Spring DM to make it more useful and a better solution than Declarative Services. DS originally did not cut it for us.

As you were....


BJ Hargrave said...

Welcome to the blogosphere... :-)

You have your blog set up to allow anonymous comments. This might attract blog spam.

Tim Diekmann said...

Thanks BJ, newbie mistake.